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    3. YnFx Price Index - 06 May, 2019
      Product Movement
      US crude oil Futures 0%
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      News & Views

        Industry Reports

      The World Fibre - Trends in Demand and Supply - 2015 from YarnsandFibers is the tenth consecutive compendium covering the trends in global demand and....

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      This "Polyester Chain Report: 2014" packed with up-to-date "not easy to find" statistics and objective analysis of the trends and recent development of the polyester industry. It covers the entire polyester value chain beginning from feedstock like ethylene and paraxylene further to intermediate - PTA & MEG, and down to polyester fibre and filaments. The Report presents tabulation and graphical presentation of trends....

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      This "Nylon Chain Report: 2014" containing over 118 pages provides a comprehensive review of market trends, drivers, issues, and challenges. It is richly annotated with authoritative and unbiased objective description and hard-to-find statistical facts. The report also provides unequivocal views.....

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        Market Intelligence Service

      YnFx's Polyester Intelligence Service consolidates all the information at a click. This service provides the following:

      • Daily Price Trends
      • News & Views
      • Weekly Prices on Polyester Chain
      • Price Forecast Covering 3 Regions
      • Spun Yarn Exports from India
      • Polyester Chain - Demand/Supply Statistics
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      Keep yourself updated on the go through YnFx Cotton Intelligence in a volatile market. This service provides:

      • Daily Price Trends - Cotton fibre & Yarn
      • News & Views
      • Weekly Prices on Cotton Stream
      • Cotton Price Forecast
      • Spun Yarn Exports from India
      • Cotton - Demand/Supply Statistics
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      Textile Sare [India]
      The spangle handlooms [India] - March 17th, 2019
      Supplier for Other Technical Textiles Globally
      Pattern : Others     Style : Plain     End Use : Industrial (Technical)     Yarn Count : 80 and 120     Density : Self      Width : Others     Weight : 1 kg
      Product Description : Handlooms creation

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